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Infusionsoft is complex and confusing, and your Onboarding didn't teach you everything you need to know.

​​Are you...

  • Overwhelmed by Infusionsoft?
  • ​Confused by the interface?
  • ​Frustrated?
  • Frown
    ​Unsure of yourself?
  • ​Spending too much time building campaigns?
  • Without a clear strategy?
  • ​Not sure where to start?
  • Frown
    ​Unsure of how to connect with leads?

I've been there too!

​Like you, when I first began using Infusionsoft in 2013, I became overwhelmed at how hard it was to use.

Even after Kickstart training, I didn't use it for almost 2 years because I didn't know what to do or how to do it.

Since then, I've used Infusionsoft to grow my sales by over ​75% in one year​ and built 3 businesses with Infusionsoft at the core.​​​

​With over half a decade of Infusionsoft experience, 14 years of business experience, and a Master of Arts degree in teachin​g, I'm equipped to guide you on your journey to mastering Infusionsoft and growing your business.

Let's work together!

​How We've Helped People Like You


I was about to cancel Infusionsoft because I could not see its benefit. I knew how to use it, but I didn't know how to make it work for our company. But Scott explained the software and how to create a robust campaign. He made Infusionsoft so much easier to understand! We are now tracking more clicks than ever, seeing what appeals to people, and reaching out to them based on the results.

Ebony Hall - Navigate Affordable Housing Partners

I wanted to use Infusionsoft but didn't quite have a marketing strategy or plan of action. But then Scott stepped in and I saw the light - we got to work on a campaign together and I'm proud to say I've got my first campaign launched. Not only did Scott help me build my first campaign, he also equipped me with the mindset and tools to create my own marketing strategy.

Brett Callaghan - Totally Barbados

I highly recommend Scott's training. Infusionsoft is an amazing system, but you need to know how to use it. Even if you are going to hire someone to create the campaigns for you, this training helps you know the bells and whistles of the system and how you can use it to have the most effective campaigns. My entire Infusionsoft Training experience was easy and goal-oriented - I always knew exactly what was going to happen in each session. Now I have a clear understanding of how Infusionsoft works and I have the confidence that I can create and manage my own campaigns.

Jason Mackey - M & A Prime Benefits, LLC

What You​'ll Get When You Enroll

​Learn what you ​didn't in your Kickstart and gain the ​strategy​ to use Infusionsoft to its full potential.​​​


​Monthly Mini-Masterclass Trainings

​Master the basics

​Become knowledgeable and comfortable with how the software works and by watching as campaigns are built so you can do it on your own.


​Monthly ​Open Office Hours

​Ask questions, get answers

​Receive feedback on campaigns your building and troubleshoot issues.


​Library of checklists and guides

​Quick knowledge for quick implementation

​Be confident you're building campaigns according to best practices, and learn tips and tricks to improve your email marketing.


​Library of 3rd party tools and integrations

​Expand Infusionsoft's capabilities

​Learn more about 3rd party apps you can use to expand Infusionsoft's capabilities to make it even more powerful. (You may even get some exclusive discounts!)

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